A Healthy Relationship..

As today is my four year anniversary with my other half, I decided to do something a little different and do a post on relationships. I wanted to do a small blog on what I think the top three things needed in a healthy relationship are.

1) Friendship. Personally I think there is no relationship without a friendship. My boyfriend is one of my best friends. I wouldn’t say he is my best, best friend because that’s where you can loose a side of live, when you push friends away for a relationship. You need to have a life outside off your relationship. But, I do love spending time with him, We have so much fun together. I can be my full self around him, I do think that’s the problem with relationships now a days, you only show one side of yourself to them. My boyfriend knows my weird side, my partying side, my crazy side, my emotional side, my caring side, my angry side, my family oriented side. A life partner needs to know all sides of you, and not necessarily love every side of you but accept every side of you.

2) Honesty. This is very important in a relationship. You need to be honest. If you tell one small lie at anytime in your relationship then your partner is most probably going to question everything you say from that moment, so it’s better to just tell the truth and be honest. On the other hand of this I also feel like some things are better unsaid. I have had relationships when I was younger before being with boyfriend now, and I feel like before his time he doesn’t need to know about. He knows certain things such as things I have been through from my past but some key things (such as names and bigger details etc) he doesn’t need to know and I feel it will only interfere with our relationship if he knew.

3) Communication. Good communication is key in any relationship, family, love interest or friendship. You need to know how to communicate properly otherwise that’s how issues arise. If you feel a certain way then you need to communicate it to your partner, nobody is a mind reader, you need to communicate how you feel. Things can also get lost in communication, such as someone may take a conversation in a different way to somebody else. You could say that you’re going to meet at four, but someone may take that as leaving at four rather than meeting at four. This is where you need to communicate properly or issues way come about. Never assume. Always communicate properly.

These were my three main points I think are needed in order to have a healthy relationship. This could be friendship, family or love relationship. What would your top three points be?

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3 responses to “A Healthy Relationship..”

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! This post was great! All of these are so true.



  2. Hey lovely! I’m Maryam or infinitelyadaydreamer from the bloggers group chat on Instagram. Just followed your site! x



  3. This is so true! I also agree that honestly is super important. Thanks for sharing! xxx Jorja


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