Manifesting and Gratitude.

I don’t really think a lot of people know what manifestation and gratitude are. Which is why I wanted to write this blog to share more information about the both of them, how to practice both activities and my perception on what the both of them are. I believe manifesting to the universe and practicing gratitude in everyday life is such a beautiful healthy thing. If this is something in which you are interested in, then please keep reading…


Manifesting is when you tell the universe what you want in order to receive it. The saying “you attract what you put out” comes to mind when thinking about manifesting. Manifestation can also been seen as the “law of distraction”. If you say you’ll achieve something then you’re going to achieve it. This can also be performed wrong when done in a negative way, such as “I will never get my dream job, I’m not good enough”.

I believe that you should always be manifesting in life, the more you manifest, the more likely it to come to you and the quicker it will come to you. Anyone, can manifest. You don’t have to be of any religion. You don’t have to call yourself spiritual. You don’t have to be a confident person you just have to be someone who believes in themselves, that you are good enough to achieve anything in which you put your mind to. But you must when manifesting never say “I want”. Manifesting is all about positivity and believe that you will achieve your dreams, because you will.


Gratitude is when you notice what you are grateful for. I strongly believe you always have something to be grateful for in life. Let’s say you come home from work after having a rubbish day? You came home. You have a roof over your head. You have a job. There is something to always be grateful for in your life, it’s about noticing it and using gratitude daily.

Gratitude can be used at any time, if you are feeling negative in a certain situation you could, stop what you are doing and notice three things in life that you are grateful for. I can guarantee you’ll feel better about yourself. I prefer to at the end of the day, journal my gratitude. Noticing what I have in my life, such as family, friends, a good job, a hobby. To even the things you may not may recognise that you should be grateful to have, like food on the table, a roof over your head, a warm bed etc. Anyone can perform gratitude, in fact I believe that performing gratitude in life can make you a better person. It makes you see life in a different light. You will be more of a happy positive person.

Manifesting and gratitude can be can be done in several ways, one being vocally. You can say out loud to yourself “I will achieve my dreams” or “I am grateful for my family”. If saying it out loud to you would make you feel uncomfortable you can always manifest and use gratitude vocally, but in your head, you could tell yourself what you are grateful for or what you are going to achieve through thoughts. I personally still believe that the universe can hear your thoughts. Another way of manifesting or performing gratitude is that you could do it physically through a vision aspect by writing it down, this is the way in which I prefer to do it as I feel like writing things down gets the stress off of my mind. If I am stressing about achieving something in my life, I will manifest it by writing it down several times. “I will get my dream job” etc etc. Journaling is often a great way to clear your head. If you are interested in seeing a blog on journaling then leave a comment and I can get it out to you guys soon.

I hope you have learnt something from reading this blog, whether it be the meaning of these two words, or if you already knew what they meant, then I hope you’ve learnt about how I use manifestation and gratitude in my day to day life. If you have any question feel free to comment them below and I will get back to you, or if you would prefer to do it through a direct message then check out my Instagram which is emwinn_blog , you can find the link to this on my “contact me” page, and drop me a message. Stay safe.

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