What’s on my Christmas Tree??

When you think of Christmas, what do you think of? You think of a Christmas item, a Christmas tradition. What do you think of? A Christmas Tree! So I though I would show you my Christmas tree and do a little tour! I also want to show you my favourite baubles! So if you are interested keep reading…

My Christmas Tree is a 6ft basic B&M one, I believe it cost around £17.99. This is my fifth Christmas with this tree and it’s done the job every year, I didn’t want something too expensive, but something that would last. The light are also from B&M and have also lasted me the last five years.

I wanted to do my three favourite Christmas baubles. As you can see from the pictures, I have the normal red and gold basic baubles. But, I do have some meaningful and special ones and I would love to show you my all time favourite ones.

My absolute favourite bauble has to be this beauty. This was actually bought Disneyland Paris. If you know me, you’ll know that I love Marie from the Aristocats. I have so much Marie merchandise so I thought it was only right to get a bauble with Toulouse and Berlioz on.

My second favourite bauble, is the most meaningful one to me. My other half got me this bauble for our first Christmas together back in 2016, it’s such a nice item to get out every year and put on the tree, I am so happy he got me this so many years ago!

My third favourite tree them is in the gingerbread man from he DisneyLand Paris, once again my other half got me this for Christmas but this one was for Christmas last year. This one is also special to me as it’s engraved, with our names and “DLP 2019”.

What is your favourite bauble,? Do you have any meaningful ones?

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