Welcome to the emwinn_blog website!

Hi, I am emwinn_blog. Also known as, Emily or Em. I am 22 and from Northampton but currently live in West Sussex for work.

I blog to encourage others to live a more positive life. I post a new blog every Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm (UK time). But, as it’s December I of course will be taking place in Blogmas! So, watch this space!

If you want to connect with me more, make sure you check on my instagram @emwinn_blog for daily content, you can find the direct link to my Instagram page in the top right corner.

You can also subscribe to have updates every time I upload a new blog by scrolling down to the bottom of the this page and entering you email. Or if you have a WordPress account make sure you hit the follow button in the right hand corner.

Thank you for reading, hope you connect with me, and enjoy my blogs!

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