Autumnal Day!

Last Friday, I had a day off and as summer is now over and September is here, It’s now fall, right? It’s now autumn, right? So with that being the case, my other half and I decided that we would spend the day having a “Autumnal Day”.

As it’s Autumn and the most exciting thing about Autumn is Halloween. We decided to go and pick some pumpkins (early i know) of course my boyfriend being the child he is, had to get the biggest pumpkin (see picture🙄).. While being there we decided to pick some Raspberries and Corn on the Cobs, honestly it was so satisfying and therapeutic. I would 1000% recommend RoundStone Farm to anyone. It was a lovely afternoon, it’s a very good size farm for a lovely walk. It was very cheap, we got a box of raspberries, three big corn on the cobs, a HUMONGOUS pumpkin, a normal pumpkin and two small indoor pumpkins all for £11, which we were not expecting we thought that the extremely large pumpkin would come to well over that itself.

After watching Stacey Solomon’s Instagram stories last week, she inspired me to do some autumnal crafts, so with this in mind we decided to take a trip to HobbyCraft. I don’t want to say too much on this as I want to save this for another post. But I will say that they are very stocked up for autumn, Halloween and Christmas! There will be another blog coming soon on my Autumnal craft project.

Finally, we finished off our Autumnal trip at the local garden centre, can I just point out that it is September and the garden centre was full of christmas decor and I LOVED IT! I don’t know about anyone else but I love an early seasonal festivity. Of course, an autumnal/winter trip to the garden centre is not complete without a hot chocolate, with lots of cream, marshmellows and a caramel shortbread.

What have you done/going to do that’s autumnal this fall? What is your favourite autumnal drink? What’s your favourite thing about autumn??🍁🕸🎃

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